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looking for a good artist to do my graphics.

CaliberGamesCaliberGames Posts: 33Member
I am looking for a good artist who would get 50% of the income that I would make with the game. If you are interested, email me at [email protected]

This game idea that I have is very complicated but will be very profitable.
If you are interested, I will send you the idea plan I have. I have already started making the game and have a lot of stuff already laid out.


Avalanche Games


  • kietzkietz Posts: 49Member
    Im a freelance designer looking for some work.
    I can say that my time is very valuable and i would love to see some of your work, maybe you should post a game or two on the web, nothing hardcore or fully fleshed out with flashy graphics, just something for us to know what you can do. Think of it as an artist portfolio.
    Also, artists are very diverse, some are more cartoony and some go for a more realistic look. It would help to know what kind of game art your looking for (mario, angry birds, metal slug)
    examples are always helpful.
    Let me know what your looking for,

  • DhondonDhondon Posts: 717Member
    Sorry, wrong thread...(ignore my post)
  • LykkeLykke Posts: 174Member
    Mail sent :)
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