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Sorely missed - Data Access

Jamieo1977Jamieo1977 Posts: 7Member
edited 12:08AM in Working with GS (Mac)
I haven't actually sunk my teeth into GS yet, but i've spent alot of time taking in info from the forums & tutorials. I come from a programming background but i must say that GS really excites me, i think as with traditional programming an excellent grasp of logic is required to produce anything interesting with GS, but GS doesn't require that you learn any syntax, it's almost like visual programming!

Anyway, i am impressed with GS, its concept and it's workflow, but alarm bells are ringing for me, this is in regards to the complete lack of data access or any kind of save game state. I believe this pretty severely limits/hampers what can be produced with GS, it results in only really being able to produce old arcade like games where you have to start from the beginning each and every time, whilst these games are great and have earned their place in history, there are a whole host of other types of games (or apps) which just will not be be possible to produce unit some kind of data access is enabled.

I'm sure it must be pretty high on the agenda for a future release, fingers crossed it comes soon.

Other than that, all looking great, a wonderful tool has been born i believe.



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