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Menu screen

j8689j8689 Posts: 3Member
Hi guys, I'm new to this whole Gamesalad stuff, so please bear with me, as I am a noob.
So, I have a few questions:

1)How do I make a menu screen?(e.g- one that says "start", "Options", etc.)

2) Is it possible to animate the menu screen using Gamesalad(E.g- similar to Angry Birds's animated background with the birds jumping all over the place)?

3) And lastly, what would be a good animating program to animate the sprites?


  • 11clock11clock Posts: 450Member
    1) Simply make button images and drag them in your menu scene. In each button, add a rule that says if touched it pressed, switch to the proper scene.

    2) It is possible using various actors.

    3) I don't know.

    Oh, and don't submit your first game to the app store unless you feel that it is a solid game that functions well and has little bugs, and has decent quality. I've seen a lot of games on the app store that are very poor, and they give GS a bad name.
  • j8689j8689 Posts: 3Member
    Thanks for your help, but I have run into a few problems

    I wasn't even sure how to make a background but I made one, and then put two buttons, with one labelled "start" and one labelled "options". How do I make it so a new scene or something pops up when I press it. I tried to do the thing you told me, but I am not sure if I did it right. Or maybe my entire menu screen is messed up?
  • j8689j8689 Posts: 3Member
    Oh okay thanks, I think you may be right. Thanks for your help!
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