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SpeedUpTV (iPhone): Perfect for Athletes and Foreign Language Students

appalert1433appalert1433 Posts: 6Member
edited 5:17PM in Non-GS Game News
**#1 Utility in S. Korea for English Language Learnings and Athletes alike! **

Are you looking to improve your golf or baseball swing?

Do you want to develop your foreign language listening & hearing comprehension skills?

Have you ever wanted to watch something in slow-motion?

We think SpeedUpTV is perfect for those who said yes! With this app you can adjust the speed of your favorite videos from .5x-2.0x and with up to 5x zoom it allows you to see exactly where you made your mistakes when practicing your golf swing, basketball shot or more. In addition, those who are studying foreign language can slow down the speed so you can clearly hear and understand the dialogue improving your overall listening and hearing comprehension!

Right now we are doing a $.99 promotion!
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