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What do you think?

m456arcusm456arcus Posts: 189Member
I have to do some art for a game I'm making, but I figured other people might like it too. It's not complete, but I've got no idea what else to include. Its a pixel art ocean themed collection, what would you like to see included? Also, how about the quality? I was thinking of selling it for $5 when it's done.

Oh ya, and I realize nobody can use this for TOTB unfortunately.


  • m456arcusm456arcus Posts: 189Member
    Anyone? Do they suck?
  • OaklandasfanOaklandasfan Posts: 213Member
    it looks great!
  • svnsvn Posts: 445Member
    That's quite an arsenal. It looks really good; the cartoon-style graphics make me think of the old Sonic Advance titles. What programs did you use to draw them?
  • m456arcusm456arcus Posts: 189Member
    Photoshop, although, it's definatly overkill - Pixelmator could do it just as easy. So everyone in TOTB with a sub game, what else would you need? What can I do to make this into a tidy art pack?

    You can probably tell, I've never ventured into the graphics pack business, sorry if I'm bugging you :)
  • svnsvn Posts: 445Member
    Er, what exactly IS TOTB? Is it some kind of game or website? I feel like you're hiding a secret!
  • jb15jb15 Posts: 602Member
    I like the red directional controls--how about adding a A or B button? Or explosion to match the style?
  • m456arcusm456arcus Posts: 189Member
    @svn TOTB = Think Outside The Box

    @jb15 Great idea, I'm going to start on that. I also did these point thingys, I'll do 0-9 in 3 colours too.

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