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GameSalad: A Disappointment (OPINION!)

iDeveloperiDeveloper Posts: 441Member
edited 4:24PM in Miscellaneous
=====GameSalad Roadmap: Updating The Roadmap=====

I was pleased when GS introduced a roadmap. But now the roadmap is forgotten about by the staff. Game Center leader boards are released, yet the roadmap isn't updated to reflect that.

Yoda also stated this:
Yodapollo said:

I'll get on updating the roadmap. I was hoping to make the page a little more splashy, but that's going to have to wait.

We've got a big release coming in June and that should include a number of items that were originally slated for Spring as well as the first batch of summer features.


OK.. It should take a couple of minutes to update the roadmap. Notice that Yodapollo posted this three weeks ago. How LONG does updating a simple thing like a roadmap take? Another thing; "we've got a big release coming in June".... Three weeks and no "big" release, not even a communication on the update? I see GS is back to the good ol "let's not communicate" method, though even Yoda and the CEO promised more communication.

=====Project Masala=====
I was hearing about the famous "Project Masala". We still have not heard anything about it... Unless Masala was in fact GS Arcade 2.0. Think about it; new arcade in pure HTML5 = version 2.0. Why even have Masala on the roadmap if it's the same thing as GS Arcade 2.0?

Also, whatever Masala is, it doesn't promise "HTML5 game CREATION for everyone". In fact, it's "HTML5 Arcade Publishing for everyone". You don't get the HTML5 source, which would allow you to freely upload the game to your own server. So, whenever GS's server goes down or is turned "off", your games will not work...

=====The YUCKY Website=====
OK, the new website layout officially SUCKS. The navigation bar is crap. The second old one was SO MUCH better. I also HATE the forum text, I'm 20 and it blurs. This is another example on the staff's ability to update things.

Yodapollo stated 2 days ago that:
Yodapollo said:

to be honest, the new forum text took me by surprise, too. We're looking to get it fixed later today.


It does NOT take TWO friggin days to change the forum's text! It should take seconds. Unless the staff are struggling to the life boats.

=====Basic Features=====
Arrays, Lists, iOS device features, Game Center, etc should have been added from the start, or when they first became available. Having to wait ages doesn't fit my style, see how simple it is to add it into Xcode in the first place. I know it takes a little bit longer for GS to implement, but months?


I am really impressed though that GS got rid of that GS Direct crap. It was a nightmare to begin with.....

Won't be responding to anybody's post on this thread unless one peaks my interest. Farewell (again), hope GS has a longer life than I expect. I have been starting to learn to code, and I'm impressed at how easy the code is to use once you have mastered it. I have mastered UIAlertViews and Transitions. I'm working on mastering UIActionSheets and Camera programming.

Good luck to all those who use GS.

Cookie for everyone:


  • DreamLabDreamLab Posts: 2,127Member
    Masala was and is HTML5 publishing. I don't see why you are making a big deal out of all of these little things. Yes the forum is hard as crap to read now and they haven't updated the roadmap. Is that going to stop you from making games? If you don't like it here, leave. It bugs me when people make these big long threads on how Gamesalad is a "disappointment" because if you hate it so much, don't use it.
  • JohnPapiomitisJohnPapiomitis Posts: 6,256Member
    how o how will i go on making games when they havent crossed masala off the roadmap list yet! ;)
  • quantumsheepquantumsheep Posts: 8,188Member
    JohnPapiomitis said:
    how o how will i go on making games when they havent crossed masala off the roadmap list yet! ;)

    I guess people have plenty of time to whine when they don't actually spend any time making games, eh?

    I'm closing this. It's about as helpful as any other posts made by the same guy.

    Feel free, ideveloper, to create more rubbish posts. It'll just make it easier for me to ban you.

    Thanks for taking part everyone!

    QS :D

    Dr. Sam Beckett never returned home...

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