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Pungi Is Launched In The App Store Finally!

TheodiTheodi Posts: 96Member
edited November -1 in Announce Your Game!
Hello everyone, My first GS game, Pungi Lite, is now in the App Store! Thanks goes out to the people who helped me when they did.

Here's the link

Please let me know what you think. The full version goes on soon as well.



  • TheodiTheodi Posts: 96Member
    Anyone tried it yet? Any thoughts? It's my first one would like to know what people think.
  • pandigitalpandigital Posts: 1Member
    Crashed repeatedly on my iPad so couldn't get past loading screen :/
  • TheodiTheodi Posts: 96Member
    It's for the iPhone and Ipod not the iPad.
  • WildThing630WildThing630 Posts: 107Member
    Cool Game! Good job man!
  • AppsterAppster Posts: 112Member
    Nice cool looking penguin! :) congrats!

    Appster (
    Let me if you want to me to list your games on my site :)
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