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Ad Hoc did not show up on my phone.

GrubGamesGrubGames Posts: 77Member
So I published my first game. At the end of publishing it said congrats and asked if I wanted to test it, the game would be sent to iTunes. I chose this option. I found my game in iTunes, checked box of game, synced my phone. After sync was complete the game did not show up on my device. What happened? Was there something I needed to do in ITunes? This is my first game, any advice would help a ton. Thanks


  • Cee3pee0Cee3pee0 Posts: 194Member, PRO
    are you sure you used an ad-hoc provisioning profile and not a distribution one? this happened to me...
  • GrubGamesGrubGames Posts: 77Member
    Ok Cee3pee0 I think we're getting somewhere. Right now all I have is a provisioning profile under the "development" tab in the dev center (created to use GS Viewer). Do I need to create a separate profile under the "distribution" tab in order to use an Ad Hoc?
  • GrubGamesGrubGames Posts: 77Member
    tshirtbooth.. i heart you man but i don't understand what you mean. I think I've figured out that I need to make a distribution profile (which I just did). Since I already published my game to GameSalad, do I need to go back and edit or republish my game? I'm hoping you can give me a step by step process to get the Ad Hoc on my iphone, from provisioning to sync. Do you have a video on this? I appreciate any help you can provide tshirtbooth. Thanks
  • GrubGamesGrubGames Posts: 77Member
    Thank you so much. One more thing, do I need to make a different AppID for distribution? I already have one of course for development. Thank you.. with your videos and contributions to the forums, you really are the only reason thus far that I have been able to accomplish my first game. So shout out to you for your active involvement.. may you sell a bajillion games.
  • Cee3pee0Cee3pee0 Posts: 194Member, PRO
    nope, same AppID.
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