How do I create a provisioning profile?

Zeldafan355Zeldafan355 Member Posts: 8
I'm new to all this so bear with me. I'm going through the publishing process for the first time and it says I need a provisioning profile. I made the apple developer account nowhere on the site can I find the provisioning portal I keep hearing about. If someone could just link me to it or explain how to get there that would be wonderful. Thank you.


  • GrubGamesGrubGames Member Posts: 77
    Hey man, if you are publishing you probably are familiar with the development provisioning portal. tshirtbooth does a great YouTube on downloading GS Viewer and in it he runs through how ro get your development provisioning profile.

    If you for some reason didn't use Viewer throughout your development then I guess you are going to go srtraight to distribution. 1. Go to dev center. 2. Click provisioning. 3. Create a new profile under "distribution" tab.

    For more detail search YouTube for "Creating and editing your iTunes Profile" or "working with provioning files". These were both done by the great people here at GS.

    By the way I just did all this crap today. I about pulled my hair out trying to figure out the AdHoc stuff. I seriously didn't know jack about 3 months ago, I literally learned everything from YouTube videos, GS cookbook, and these awesome forums. Sorry no one got back to you sooner, people are generally quick to respond to questions and it's Sunday too so maybe tmrw people will be more available. Good luck man

    Nevermind searching youtube, here are the videos.

  • Zeldafan355Zeldafan355 Member Posts: 8
    Hey man, thanks for getting back to me. I figured out my problem. I'm signed up on the iPhone developer website, but not with the $100 Developer Program. I'm not sure I want to spend that kind of money when I'm just making little apps for myself and my friends. When I start making bigger and more ambitious projects I will make that investment. Once again, thank you for your extensive and detailed answer.
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