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Game version numbering question

macewanmacewan Posts: 214Member
edited 3:51AM in Miscellaneous
What is the proper what of versioning (correct wording?) a game in development? Such as FredJumpsOnDog version 0.1 then FredJumpsOnDog version 0.2. How does this work?


  • old_kipperold_kipper Posts: 1,420Member
    a good way to do it is to reverse the date as part of the filename and then add two numbers if you are versioning many times a day. This aids finding the most current version when listing in the opening file window.
    So you would have-


    This is pretty east to remember and I have worked in a number of situations where it really helped.

    cheers kipper
  • macewanmacewan Posts: 214Member
    old_kipper, thanks :-)
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