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Music Loops with short pause - work around?

DigiChainDigiChain Posts: 1,216Member, PRO
I have a simple piece of music which I have edited so that it can seemlessly loop. Within my editng softaware it does loop seemlessly - but when looping in GS there is a very short but audiable pause between loops.
I've checked out other games created with GS and in some cases have noticed it happening also - but not all. Is there a work around for this problem.

Just to specify - the original audio is mp3 format, imported into gamesalad as a piece for music.

Also - what length of music do you guys tend to use? I've kept it really short for fear of large file sizes but I guess there's no reason not to lengthen it so that the loop point doesn't come around so frequently.



  • MammothMammoth Posts: 640Member
    Make sure that the file you are using has no space at the end. In most DAWs you have the option to cut the remainder. Use that option when rendering your music.
  • DigiChainDigiChain Posts: 1,216Member, PRO
    Hi, the file definitely has no spaces at either end. I'm actually a TV editor so I know what I'm doing here (though making computer games is a new one for me!).

    I just read in an old post that I should be using WAV files as the issue has something to do with MP3s?
  • DizkoDizko Posts: 498Member
    Did you import as a sound or as music? There is a difference on how the two are handled. If you want the music to not hiccup it's best to import as music. Believe it or not, looping an audio file can be a processor intensive process which is prolly why they have a special function for music.
  • DigiChainDigiChain Posts: 1,216Member, PRO
    Yes, I did import as music.

    I'll try using a WAV file rather than a MP3 to import this evening - and if successful will post the results.

  • SparkyidrSparkyidr Posts: 2,033Member
    first things first.

    Have you tried the game on your phone (in the viewer or as an ad-hoc)?
    Because sometimes, even though the music loops correctly on the phone, it does not when using preview on the mac. (it sometimes does, it sometimes doesn't)

    Also...where at all possible, export your music as a wav file (or some form of uncompressed audio, and convert it to an aac (.m4a) file, and import THAT into GS.

    You can create an aac/m4a very easily in itunes.

    Drag the wav into itunes, then find it in your music list, right click, and choose create aac version. then find that and you can drag the file to a folder from itunes (or just go and find the file in your library)

    but try the viewer or an ad-hoc build forst, just to make sure it's not the mac preview looping incorrectly.....because it does.
  • MammothMammoth Posts: 640Member
    Try the wrap remainder function sometimes that works. I find that the looping of sound on mobile devices can be choppy sometimes.
  • DigiChainDigiChain Posts: 1,216Member, PRO
    For Whoever may be interested -

    I've now re-imported exact same piece of music, but this time from a WAV file rather than a MP3, and loops perfectly. Problem solved, avoid MP3s!
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