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Can I control the type of iads in my game?

jb15jb15 Posts: 602Member
I'm considering using iads in my game, but I'm kind of making a kids game, and it's really, really important to me that I don't have just any ads show up (I don't want any porn or anything like that--all kid, family friendly type ads).

So--my question is, can I control what type of ads/what age range ads show up?


  • MammothMammoth Posts: 640Member
    I wouldn't worry about in appropriate ads. Apple is very family oriented. When it prompts you to push weather you want to target people below 17 or not just say that you do.

    If you do that there will be ads for macdonalds etc. Even if you don't the ads won't be bad they will just be ads for cars or banks. You might get the odd dating site but I think apple dosn't allow those either.

    Either way just say that you target people below 17 and you should be fine.
  • jb15jb15 Posts: 602Member
    OK. Thanks mammoth!
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