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Saying Hi and Mentioning what ive worked on so far

killerferret666killerferret666 Posts: 1Member
edited November -1 in Introductions
Thought id say hi ive had gamesalad now around 2 months and love it.

First of all thanks to Tshirtbooth.....never spoke to the guy but my searches generally end with his answer on here or youtube :)

Ive been designing a level based game, using basic graphics at first and trying to keep the logic streamlined (im an SQL DBa as my job) where the character has to collect coins by simply moving side to side with button pushes there is a story to go with the game :) the game is done in a cartoon style.

Thanks to Gamesalad I have a scene created which is the game level, where i can simply change the attributes when copying the scene to create the harder levels

Ive surprised myself with what ive managed to do including the menu system, animation, sound sliders, an actual working level with game counters and coin counters, levels being unlocked correctly, getting random to be...well randon....the list goes on.

If i knew how to video on screen id post a video of how far ive got lol anyway..... One thing that bugs me

the poor fonts avaliable in game salad :(

I may go the route of individual characters for the numbers as the fonts are just so bad and look unprofessional.

Anyway hi to all.


  • SAZ_1SAZ_1 Posts: 397Member
    Welcome my friend, you choose to go a different route from me, i stayed quite until my first project Fowl Ops. was literally two days from release! but as you say the forums are always a super help!.. looking forward to trying your game out and seeing it. Hope its not too long away!
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