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Trapper74Trapper74 Member Posts: 45
i am currently in the process of signing up to apples dev program as an individual so i can test on devices, however on the registration form where it asks me to complete my personal profile it wants me to enter a Company/Organisation name, now from what i have read elsewhere apple will use my real name as the seller name which leaves me to wonder...

1. what is the company/organisation field for? i already stated im an individual

2. where is it displayed in the app store if apple use my real name as seller...

3. can i make up any name?

i do have a name for a company/organisation but its just made up and i dont know weather to use it or just re-enter my real name

soooo confused



  • xyloFUNxyloFUN Member Posts: 1,593
    Hey Trapper,
    if you are not registered (business license), then you need to use your real name.

    In case you are willing to register a business, then it's best to wait until you get all the documentation. Otherwise, just proceed as an individual.

    Good luck :)

    p.s. browse around iTunes to get a better understanding of where private names show. It's hard to miss!
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