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NEED GRAPHICS FAST!! *Looking for Graphic Artists*

SethsAppsSethsApps Posts: 328Member, PRO
Hi, I have a game that I need to release for a friends birthday in just a few weeks. Most of the game is complete and theres just a few graphics I need made for the game now. If you are a fast worker (meaning you can get this done in less than 2 days) look what I need made below:

- 1 quick animation for intro screen
- 3 gamecenter buttons
- Home screen
- 512x512 Icon

[Theme is penguins/icy landscape]

Thats it! I need these images really fast (or Ill be in hot water when her bday gets here).

Email me at [email protected] with a few sample images and if I like your work Ill hire you and give you the details very quickly. Email me ASAP! First come first serve, and Im looking for the best prices too ;)

Thanks to all!!


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