how to destroy a wall when the main character colides with a key

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I am making a game were you have to get the keys to open doors but i can not find anything on you tube or the forums to help.. can anyone here help


  • osucowboy18osucowboy18 Member Posts: 1,307
    Use a boolean game attribute to determine when the user picks up a key. Then when that attribute is true, destroy the wall. Hope that makes sense.

    - Alex
  • martingamermartingamer Member Posts: 7
    thanks alot guys.. i think i know how to do that now but even if i don't it is working on my game so thanks.
  • martingamermartingamer Member Posts: 7
    Another question

    I am making a shoot em up game but i have to touch my main character to shoot. what I really want is a botton to shoot the bullets. how would i do this???
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