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RPG Game Help

jxremyjxremy Posts: 2Member
edited 5:47PM in Working with GS (Mac)
Hey guys,

I'm a newbie at GameDevelopment and I've searched the forums for the answers and honestly don't even know where to look. So, I'm going to post here. Be gentle.

I've created a Player actor for my aerial view RPG game. That's the very first thing I did. He can move left, right, up, and down and has animation for all of that. Now I'm running into two problems.

1. When I hit "Play" on the Inspector screen (that's what I call it...) and begin to move my character there is a ghost unit where he started. The character moves around fine and everything works. There's just that ghost image at the starting point.

2. When I go into "Preview" my character starts off as a white block and as I move, the animation sort of works but that white block seems to be acting as one of the animation images. I set the "Color" to 0% opacity thinking that would help, but just makes the entire image disappear.

Here are links to the screenshots I took:

Any help would be appreciated.


  • GamersRejoiceGamersRejoice Posts: 817Member
    1. The ghost images are to show you where the actor started. You only see it when it's turned on. You can turn it off by clicking the icon that has two circles on it. It's towards the upper right of GameSalad.

    2. In your animation you need to uncheck "restore original image" (it's called something like that I forget) That should fix your problem.

    I hope that helps
  • jxremyjxremy Posts: 2Member

    Thank you for answering number 1. I figured it was some type of marker but again, since I'm new at this I wanted to make sure I hadn't done something incorrectly. About number 2, all of my animations "Restore to Original Image" are unchecked. They were unchecked when I posted the screenshots and I'm still getting a white box. There's also a new symptom I just discovered:

    When I reopen the project after saving and completely quitting GameSalad, certain images are missing. Let's say in each animation I have a "Walking Down Pose 1", "Walking Right Pose 1", "Walking Left Pose 1", "Walking Up Pose 1" and then of course the same directions in pose 2, pose 3, etc. Well, each Pose 1 goes missing whenever I reopen the project. All of the pose 2's and 3's are completely fine, but the Pose 1's always go missing. Is my program buggy? I downloaded it from the website or is there some type of translation error going on between Photoshop and GameSalad?

    Another weird issue is after reopening this saved project, I can't delete the images or remove them from my project at all!

    I did some research on previous posts and someone said that I needed to choose "Save for Web and Devices" in Photoshop instead of a simple save as .png. Well, that didn't do anything for me either...I'm up to date on the newest version of GameSalad and just confused...
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