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I'm working on a Project for the TOTB3 called "ShipSink"
It is a Pirate game where you are a Pirate trying to sink other ships in order to obtain their treasures. In this Game, I have included a map with different places to sink ships. There are also going to be a few "mini-games" like "Target Practice" and "Escape from the British Navy".
I have added a store in which you can buy better canons, more health, exc. There is also going to be Achievements such as: First Mate, Canon King, Captain, lottery King, exc. I am trying to give this game a "smooth" feel by blending a black actor, and then changing the scene.

Here are a few images of the Game:


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    Great game, will it be on the app store? ;)
  • ccpccp Member Posts: 139
    I am planing on releasing "ShipSink" to itunes as soon as it is finished. I wouldn't expect that to be any time soon though! ;)
  • JadarStudiosJadarStudios Member Posts: 264
    Ok, may the best game win!!
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    OK...Here is a quick video of the gameplay...
    Note: The video quality is very bad! :(

  • ccpccp Member Posts: 139
    Here is the unfinished Map Image:
  • CircleTimeCircleTime Member Posts: 84
    Whoooa! Love the explosion!
  • ccpccp Member Posts: 139
    Hey guys!
    I just updated the map.

    Tell me what you think.
  • JadarStudiosJadarStudios Member Posts: 264
    Awesome map!!
  • ccpccp Member Posts: 139
    ShipSink is a Pirate game like no other. From Sinking ships to escaping the British Navy, this game is full of adventuress tasks! You are a Pirate on a deadly voyage through the Caribbean. Every Pirate has a secret wish to someday become a Captain of his very own ship. This is your chance! You must complete six deadly tasks in which you will prove yourself worthy. In order to achieve these tasks, one must have enough ammunition and health. You can obtain these items by purchasing them with gold coins. For a Pirate, gaining coins can be an easy task. Whether sinking ships or shooting targets, you will find coins filling your inventory at a steady pace. You also get the option of purchasing a Lottery ticket in which you can double, triple, or even quintuple your coins! Throughout this voyage you will find yourself above deck, bellow deck, defending your hideout, facing one-on-one combats, fighting day or night, rain or shine. Are you brave enough to fulfill these deadly tasks in order to achieve Captainship?

    Screen Shots:
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