Creating elements in sidescrolling platformer

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So I have a question about a couple of elements of a sidescrolling platformer that I have yet to attempt, and wanted to see how others are approaching it:

1) How would I spawn, say, a creature in a sidescrolling platformer running the other direction of the player that is non-collidable, and just an added element for looks

2) Also, if you have a tree in the background, and want to animate leaves falling, would you create the tree as a separate image, and then spawn leaves in that position? If you spawn leaves, would it be relative to scene, or relative to actor? And you'd find a place somewhere on the X and Y axis correct?

These are simple questions, but I just want to see how people are approaching this!

Thanks :)

(sorry haven't been on here as of lately, and should have posted this under game design support, my apologies!)


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    1) Spawn actor, non collideable, move to (maybe an area off screen), destroy actor.
    (this is my guess, haven't actually done it)

    2) I thought about doing animated backgrounds in my game. I thought about the leaf thing also. I was going to make the tree separate from the background & then animate the leaf (or leaves) falling from the tree. I wouldn't do the spawn actor or anything like that. In my opinion making it an animation would be easier.
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    1) that sounds about right, I'm going to try it

    2) I think animating the tree would be easier too than spawning leaves and animating them

    Also, in a sidescrolling platformer, I have gravity added to the scene, and all the elements, but I want clouds to be able to pass through, and since gravity has been added to the scene, they move in an angle downwards.

    How do you prevent this? I tried constrain to y axis, but that didn't work.

    Should I change the physics of the clouds?

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    I haven't tinkered with gravity yet, so I'm not sure on that one.
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