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Hello friends,
this is my entry for the contest TOTB3.
An RPG about Pirates.

I could not finish. but the logic is ready.
Missing art, sounds, and put the events in the correct locations.
13 x 8 map grid = 104 encounters
- Merchant ships
- 6 pirate ships
- A ghost pirate ship
- Giant waves
- 10 sea monsters
- 1 final boss (not the evil committed was defined)
- Police ships
- Fog and darkness

- You can spend your $$$ on 6 items:
- Up to 5 Canons
- Team to quickly recharge
- Improved hull
- More powerful shots
- Longer range of vision on the map
- Mobility with the compass

I hope you like it and vote for my game! will be epic!
and good luck to everyone else with the competition!
visit http://marcosriffel.com
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