Need a futuristic-looking skateboard

svnsvn Member Posts: 445
I need a futuristic-looking skateboard for a game I'm making to raise funds for another game. I will need four kinds of drawings: a skateboard going forward, backward, left, and right, from a top-down view. I can't pay for the skateboard, but I can offer a recommendation for your art from my game.


  • hman360hman360 Member Posts: 590
    Do you have any skills someone would be looking to pay for like coding, advertisement, templates etc. Then you could trade for artwork.

    Its funny you said this in a similar thread asking for free graphics

    "You're gonna have to invest n the game yourself. If you can't scrape up a budget, like me, use this great fund-raising site called Kickstarter( Sign up, follow the instructions, wait for the Kickstarter team to respond, and when they do, you're on your way to having a budget!!"

    From this thread:

    Just a tip.
  • svnsvn Member Posts: 445
    Gah hah hah! The irony is shocking, ain't it?! But I did say I would offer a recommendation for the artist. Anyway, it doesn't matter. I decided to suck it up and make my own skateboard. Doesn't look like a da Vinci sketch, but it'll do.
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