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Music Composition/SFX Needed

scovilleiscovillei Posts: 7Member
I need an original music loop for my iPhone/iTouch game I am currently producing. The game shares operational aspects with Super Mario Brothers, but is otherwise different in every way possible. I need music which is fun, exciting, and has a fast rhythm.

I also need around five sound effects, which I will tell you once you are chosen to help me with this project. If you can only do the game loop and not the SFX, or visa-versa, feel free to tell me and you can just do the one!

I have a relatively low budget for this aspect of the project. That being said, I am very open to negotiating terms with an excellent candidate. Of course, credit will be given in all areas possible (in the game, on the website). Please consider participating in this project, I'd really appreciate it!


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