Project size - please advise?

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Looking at the GS home - I can see in the bottom right that my project size is showing up at 9.1Mb.

I know there is a 10Mb limit on games uploaded to the GS website, can someone tell me does this 9.1MB I am seeing relate to the REAL upload size or will this compress in someway when I upload it?


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    I've found that the project size is usually innacurate, so only when you compress it will you really know what the "Actual project" size is, but when submitting to the website, I don't believe there is any way of knowing, only when you're preparing your project for Apple, and you compress the file, you will know based on that how big your project size is.

    Hope this helps!
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    for uploading your game to, yes, it is correct. And there is a 10mb limit to games put up on

    however, when your app is made for submission to apple, the project size in the lower right is generally much larger than the final app size.

    Your app in the app store can be any size you want it to be. Myst, for example, is 700mb.

    In the US, AT&T imposes a 10mb download limit over their edge and 3g networks. If the app is larger, you will have to download it over wifi.
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    Adding to FireMapleGames response, there's a chance you'll lose potential buyers if they cannot download your app immediate upon pulling up its product page on the App Store on their iPhone. People tend to either forget or reconsider the purchase by the time they get home or to a place that has Wi-Fi where there is no 10MB download limit restriction.
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    On my game it said 2.6MB then when I uploaded it to the app store it got to 2.8MB:)

    Cheers, Weswog
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