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Would this get my app rejected?

DimensionGamesDimensionGames Posts: 993PRO
Hey all, about to submit my first game to apple :D I plan to add regular content and with that in mind I wanted to have a level select screen with 3 'worlds' each with different levels but only the first would be available at launch and the others would be faded out so that the user knows more content will be added. I have a feeling that this could get the app rejected though?



  • AppsRacKAppsRacK Posts: 346Member
    In my latest game i have a dash line icon with a text inside "coming soon in August" which is the area 4 actually and it got approved. Here you can check it out:

    Hope it helps.

  • DimensionGamesDimensionGames Posts: 993PRO
    Cheers :) Might not risk just so I can get it out quickly :)

    Thanks again!
  • SlickZeroSlickZero Houston, TexasPosts: 2,870Member, Sous Chef
    It's a hit or miss situation. According to Apple, they will reject you if the game is not in a finished state. Some people get rejected because they say something like "more coming soon" or "planned updates on the way" etc…

    But then you get someone like AppsRacK that does get accepted for having that in their game. Apparently the App Store is like a box of chocolates...

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  • DimensionGamesDimensionGames Posts: 993PRO
    I know that's what annoys me about apple! They always have different standards so risky!

    Thanks again :)
  • mattyr64mattyr64 Posts: 82Member
    a bit of rant here about the whole rejection thing >
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