iPad Vs Net-book

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Which is better, an iPad, or a plastic, toy-like "netbook"?


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    DoMan said:
    Which is better, an iPad, or a plastic, toy-like "netbook"?

    Heh, that seems like a loaded question.

    The MacBook Air is basically Apple's Netbook. I think that's better than an iPad. It's also more expensive. I think the big issues with the iPad is that it doesn't come with a physical keyboard and it doesn't run flash. Oh... and it doesn't run GameSalad.

    That right there is a big issue. I can create apps with a Netbook.
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    iPad has all the great functionality over the net-book, an awesome cool factor, packed with tons of fun and is great for work and taking everywhere. A netbook is made of smudging plastic, thick and clunky, has a tiny tiny trackpad, that is not multitouch. The keyboard is small and cramped. iPad may seem a bit expensive, but is worth all the money. An iPad will last many years, and a netback can be shoved in a shelf, as can lose desire and become outdated quickly. Basically anyone that has an iPad knows that is suits them. Netbooks - really, would a hardcore gamer want one, or a school child? Only a business man on a plane would really need one. iPad has a far more intuitive and natural way of using it, as windows feels cramped on such a small screen, with fiddly little tiny GUI elements and an ugly screen that has to be looked at from straight on. Apple is also cooler than Microsoft. Microsoft literally means: extremely small, easy to mold, cut, compress, or fold. Pugh!
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    iPad is definitely cooler, but like Photics said, you can't run GameSalad on an iPad. I wouldn't waste money on a netbook, Apple or Windows.

    Just a personal preference, but I'm ecstatic that Apple products don't run Flash. As old as Flash is, it's still a buggy, system crashing virus. Some may love it, and that's great if you like it and it works for you. I personally have a passionate hate for Flash.
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    By the time you buy all the ipad and all the accessories necessary to make it efficient (harddrive space, 3g, etc.), you might as well buy an Apple laptop (and the MBAir is way better than a netbook). $500 is just for the base model, and I know I would absolutely need a physical keyboard to be able to work (another accessory).

    As for lasting for years...Apple products become outdated every year, like clockwork (except for macs it seems). I'm fairly certain Apple always keeps some features stored away so they can roll out Iphone/ipad 1-27. Everyone thought the Ipad would be a great networking tool, but Apple didn't bother adding a second camera until the 2nd generation (just like've done before). Really, Apple products are very aethestically pleasing, thus their luxury value often outweighs computing abilities.

    I have only seen one seriously good use for an Ipad. A friend of mine uses it as a portfolio that he uses to share photos with his clients.

    That all being said, I pretty much own every Apple device sans Ipad. But I think that's one I can live without.
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    What about Teamviewr? Surely that can run Gamesalad?
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    I found a net-book my least favourite purchase of a computer device of all time. It was just about able to do what I wanted to do on the go, but serious work was pain on it, and I passed it on to my daughter who has hand half my size.

    The ipad is a great household device for browsing and watching/listening to stuff on, and ok for email. Attach a wireless keyboard and it becomes useful. I've started to use it more often this way when travelling. Obviously its useful for testing, but I find myself also.

    Macbook Air... its a serious bit of kit. I desire one, but based mostly at home I can't justify it in addition to big iMac. If I was going just for one thing I would probably go for a MacBook air and have a monitor for it when at home.

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    What I also really don't like about netbooks, is that when you hold them to show someone something, it is heavy on the wrong end, and the smudgy plastic always makes you nervous that you may drop in on the floor and your precious tiny-laptop will bend into a double folding paper weight. After holding an iPad 1 for a few seconds at the not-so-local third party Apple store, I knew the iPad was, well, epic. I've held a couple of netbooks before, and i still end up in an angry frustrated (!) after trying to move the mouse around. No matter how many pieces your gimmick netbook can twist in, or how many USB ports are stuck into it, iPad will trump over with all in one simplicity. Ying Tong Iddle I Po!
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    Looks like iPad is winning, so far!
  • DoManDoMan Member Posts: 102
    Still, macbook air is way better.
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    I always put it down to the following choices.

    Big computer things in a small form factor = 11" macbook air

    Small iPhone things in a bigger form factor = iPad

    I've had probably over 10 different types of netbook in my time, none have lasted beyond their novelty period. They don't do anything particularly well.
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    What are the benchmark test numbers in other words what were you measuring and how did you measure it?
  • MegapixelIdeasMegapixelIdeas Member, PRO Posts: 476
    Cool, I downloaded geekbench and my computer scored 3558. My computer is a late 2008 macbook pro 2.53 gtz 4GB Ram and a 320GB hard drive.
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