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Text Effects

Mr.pHMr.pH Posts: 26Member
Is there any way for making text any sort of transitions with effects instead of having them appear. I know you can have them fade in or out but I mean like having a typewriter effect where one letter appears at a time. If there is no way to do this, is there plans to implement this into future games.


  • KamazarKamazar Posts: 287Member
    Game engines really aren't made to take care of the aesthetics, just the heavy-lifting necessary for the code. You can actually do this pretty simply, though. Take any photo editing or graphics software, and create images with the text you want. For example, one frame says, "H", the next, "He", then "Hel", "Hell", "Hello", then put them together in GameSalad, create a new actor that spawns after 10 seconds (or whenever), use that actor to play the animation, then destroy it after 15 seconds (however many seconds after the moment it was create).
  • JGary321JGary321 Posts: 1,246Member
    Way to think outside the box. Nice tip.
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