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On screen keys

JustTooSmexiJustTooSmexi Posts: 7Member
edited November -1 in Tech Support
For my game i want the up and down on the keyboard, but obviously they aren't on an iPhone or iPad, so I was wondering if anyone had any idea how to make up, down, right, and left objects to control my main actor thanks! - Nick


  • FloridaGamesFloridaGames Posts: 328Member
    Make four actors (left,right,up,down) and an attribute - direction.
    when left button touched change game.direction to 1
    " right button " " " " 2
    " up button " " " " 3
    " Down button " " " " 4
    then the actor you want to move just tell it:
    when direction = 1 move left
    and do that will the other 3 directions.
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