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** GS Free Market Launch ** [FREE STUFF INSIDE!]

SethsAppsSethsApps Posts: 328Member, PRO
After being a customer of GameSalad for over a year now I have a good idea of where the community needs some help. One of the biggest areas is affordability. For new users who have just invested a lot of money to get the pro package or simply someone looking for some cheap graphics because can't hire a graphic designer, we thought the obviously solution would be to create a post (maybe a website one day) that included a free market for GS users. So here we are with our first post!

Below is a link to 12 animated HD (iPad size) country flags and one composite flag. We hope you enjoy the images. They are over 100 mb to give you an idea of the quality. We assure you, following our posts won't be a bad idea ;)

Thanks in advance for your support! Even some of you veterans of the software may find some use for the images! We will be constantly posting new packs that we purchase in order to release the fees on the community.

If you would like to donate a dollar, two, or more we won't refuse it so you can send your free-will donations to [email protected] [through paypal] but understand that these graphics are FREE to use you do NOT have to donate.

Thanks all!
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