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GameSalad making image files 10x bigger on import

CatGoneCrazyCatGoneCrazy Posts: 90Member, PRO
Hello everyone! This is my first post in the forum (and I've looked around for an answer already cos I know you guys hate double threading!) but I'm stumped and hope you can help me.

My game's size is around 40MB at the moment - not too bad considering the content, but not tiny either. I spent a whole day optimising everything, saving for web etc. But after some exploration, it seems images I saved at 98kb in size are over 1MB in size in the project folder. 10 of my images are over a meg when they should be around a tenth of that.

Any idea what's going wrong? They seem to be .png files in GS, when I saved them as jpgs.

Hope you can help me!



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