Macworld 2010 GameSalad Challenge: the entries are in!

CobraCobra Member Posts: 160
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The submission window for the Macworld 2010 GameSalad Challenge closed minutes ago. Thanks and congratulations to all who entered!

Altogether we received 36 unique game entries, and all of them are playable online. Just visit our Web Games page ( and look for the purple "Macworld Challenge" button.

Stay tuned as Finalists are selected this week! We'll be contacting the Finalists by Friday, and announcing them publicly on Monday. Starting on Monday you'll be able to vote for your favorite Finalist games to help determine the ultimate winner of the Macworld 2010 GameSalad Challenge.


  • ktfrightktfright Member Posts: 964
  • JoshKahaneJoshKahane Member Posts: 470
    This is great! Can I ask though, I have updated my game several times since I first uploaded it and my icon won't change once uploaded even though I select the 128.128 png file. Could an official GS person like yourself Cobra or someone else look at this please? My original Icon which you see on the uploaded version is damn right ugly.

    My game is Trouball, hope you can help or have any suggestions. Thanks.
  • JCFordJCFord Member Posts: 785
    Can I also ask, is it the case that these games are now in a lock down mode, can we still update them or not?
  • ORBZORBZ Member Posts: 1,303
    Yes, I too would like to know the answer to this question. Can we patch them?
  • MarkOnTheIronMarkOnTheIron Member Posts: 1,447
    @ kahanejosh: Go to your game page and log in. Under your name you will see some new tabs. Click on the screenshot one and you will probably see a pop up window with all the icons you tried to upload. Click on the one you prefer and set it as your screenshot. Delete the others.

    Worked for me.
  • micahmicah Member Posts: 85
    @kahanejosh also, there isn't actually a 128x128 size limit. For Aeropack I uploaded a 480x320 image and it works fine, and looks much better. Each time you update your game it still requires you to include a 128x128 png though for some reason.
  • BeyondtheTechBeyondtheTech Member Posts: 809
    This has been an exciting experience so far. Haven't felt under the gun to hit a deadline in a while and I bet plenty of us crammed in what we could in the moments leading up to the deadline. If anything, I know it helped inspire me to think outside the box and my own comfort zone to bring out ideas that I might not have normally come up with. And, like most of you, we hopefully put in a good seller in the App Store!

    Thanks for the challenge! Let's do this again sometime soon! Good luck to everyone!
  • JoshKahaneJoshKahane Member Posts: 470
    The screenshot help worked a charm! Thanks to Maralfar and Micha.

    On another note. How exactly do people vote for our games? Is it simply done on the number of plays or likes? Also, I think to be fair (no matter how much I want everyone else to do well) no entries should be featured on the website but only made accessible via the macworld competition section as otherwise these people are getting coverage others are not. Just a thought. Hope you understand.
  • JCFordJCFord Member Posts: 785
    a very valid point.
  • BeyondtheTechBeyondtheTech Member Posts: 809
    Anybody nervous or anxious yet? ;)
  • CobraCobra Member Posts: 160
    @Bluefusion, ORBZ,
    You're not prevented from updating your games, so if you would like to make improvements feel free to do so. We can't guarantee which version the judges will look at, though.

    The judges ( will nominate the five Finalists this week. Public voting will begin next week. Voters will be able to choose from those five Finalists to help determine the winner.

    There will be a dedicated page set up for that purpose, with the Finalist games appearing in randomized order and no "featured" items on the page.
  • JoshKahaneJoshKahane Member Posts: 470
    Ahh thats great Cobra thanks for the conformation. Also BeyondtheTech. Yes fairly anxious. :) I would like to think I have a sliver of a chance.
  • BeyondtheTechBeyondtheTech Member Posts: 809
    When it says that the Voters will be able to choose from the Finalists selected and that the voting is public, is it confined to the users of the forum (registration required), or public - as in anyone given the link to the Games page? I'm sure only you know how many registered users are on this forum, but I figured if we can invite more people either via Facebook, Twitter, or iPhone/Mac/gaming blog sites, we can get this opened up even further for even a larger, broader audience, and give GS more exposure at the same time as well.
  • rebumprebump Member Posts: 1,058
    "You're not prevented from updating your games"

    Wow. I should have just uploaded what I had and added the last touches after the fact.
  • BeyondtheTechBeyondtheTech Member Posts: 809
    After today, did the idea of changing the Grand Prize to be a 16GB iPad instead of an iPod touch cross any of the minds of the judges of the contest?

    Something tells me that the winner, whomever that may be, wouldn't be at all disappointed in that idea.

    Just curious.
  • JCFordJCFord Member Posts: 785
    Did you also change your mind about prizes for non-US entries? Also just curious :-)
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