Is there life after "Revoking?"

DaibusshiDaibusshi Member Posts: 47
And everything seemed to be going... so well.

Installed GS Previewer on the first try. Published for my device on the first try. I was through-the-roof happy.

When it came time to upload to Apple, the Application Loader said the codesign on my bundle ID was not valid (I now know that I should have created & used a distribution profile, but I figured that out too late). So, in the meantime, I created a whole mess of New App IDs, certificates, provisioning profiles, etc (I was running out of "New App ID" variations). No dice. I decided to wipe the slate clean, so in the developer's site, I "Revoked" everything that was revokable. Everything GONE except for my whole string of "New App Ids". I now think that "Revoking" was a massive mistake.

I tried to start fresh, followed tshirtbooth's (amazing) vids, read the forums, created new provisioning profiles for development and distribution, etc etc. From the Apple side of things, it appears that all is perfect and clean. All active & valid & signed, etc.

However, now GS won't publish for me, giving me the "Codesign" error, and saying that I need to make sure my provisions are installed, etc. But they are installed, I have checked and rechecked dozens of times. But for some reason, it's like GS now refuses to acknowledge that I am apparently good to go on the Apple side.

So my BIG question is: Is there life for my current Apple & GameSalad relationship after "revoking?" I'd hate to create and purchase a whole new Apple ID just for this. What am I overlooking? Do I need to re-install the GS Previewer again?


  • SlickZeroSlickZero Houston, TexasMember, Sous Chef Posts: 2,870
    You can create them again after you revoke. There is no damage done except for maybe some names you can use for your certificates and such. There is an issue with the publishing server at GameSalad right now, lots of people having the same issues. Some eventually get it to go through, and some can't. GameSalad is looking into it, and hopefully we hear something soon about tit.
  • DaibusshiDaibusshi Member Posts: 47
    It's a huge relief to know that revoking is not a kill switch of any kind. I'll just breathe deep and give it a good, serious go when I have the time to dedicate to the task. After all, it took me a month and half to build my first game in my spare time, I can stand to slow down for another few days and make sure it's done right all the way to the end. Thanks for the reply and the tip about the GS issues, it's relieving to hear that it may not all be 100% my bad.
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