Make a living off of a donation based service?

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I've been wanting to release a graphics pack of background images that people could use for their games and was wondering if anyone has any experience with a donation based service and if it works.

Tadpole Rescue (iPod Touch/iPhone)
Hungry Chameleon (iPod Touch/iPhone)
Teeth Bash (iPod Touch/iPhone)


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    Hi BackUpAndDown: "Make a living off of a donation based service?" My answer would be: no way. Even if the background images were of the highest quality - which I'm sure yours would be - with a donation "service" you might make enough for a decent restaurant bill for two every month....if you're lucky...

    But that's just my opinion, interesting to hear any different.

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    Im kinda with Gyro. Its human nature to be greedy and most people will snatch up free stuff and run if theres a way to do so anonymously.

    I actually run a website for a group of people who play an online game together. A friend of mine pays all the bills and I keep the site up and running and fix everything the couple admins break. We thought you know what why not give the members of the site the change to pitch in. since this does take a lot of time and money to keep it up and running. So we put a donate link on the site and I can say in 2 years I think we have seen 2 donations of 3 dollars. If people are not directly asked and confronted most will not offer up their money out of any goodwill. Thats why charities market off your emotions cause the only way to squeeze money out of most people is guilt.
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