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artist or graphic designer??

rnyacoubrnyacoub Posts: 132Member
hi guys,
should i hire an artist or graphic designer?? to help me with my game graphics!
please help


  • old_kipperold_kipper Posts: 1,420Member
    Difficult to say without knowing much more.
  • rnyacoubrnyacoub Posts: 132Member
    what info do u want to know?
  • 3d103d10 Posts: 471Member
    People have made the term artist and graphic designer somewhat a same person.But they actually are two different things.They are misunderstanding the difference.
  • rnyacoubrnyacoub Posts: 132Member
    can u explain more pls about differences?
  • old_kipperold_kipper Posts: 1,420Member
    What can you do yourself? What do you aspire for your game? Have you got the a budget in mind (you can afford) and will that budget cove the type of game you want to do to the level you want the visual side to be? Can you find someone with the skills you really want (here or... elsewhere)?

    All of these are factors and there are more.
  • rnyacoubrnyacoub Posts: 132Member
    well, i do have programming skills, but i cant draw. i can afford a budget. i can give game ideas but again im not good in drawing!!
  • old_kipperold_kipper Posts: 1,420Member
    If you have not done already I would develop your game with just simple shapes and drawing until you are convinced it will work and know exactly what graphics you need. Then you can brief an artist.

    If you are at that stage or want input to the game from an artist I should look for one and think very hard if their style/look is what you want. It's your choice. Enjoy it and make the thing you want.
  • TheHooglerTheHoogler Posts: 102Member
    I found that its easier to get artists that work on revenue sharing than you might think. I just posted a Craigslist ad here in Anchorage, AK (obviously the epicenter of the art world) and made contact with about 10 artists, all with exceptional and varying skills. This way, when I develop a project, I have a good idea which artist can do what, and so far, has been great! I may even be debuting a screenshot of a new game this weekend, as the artist just has to finish up a couple of items.

    Also, when you have a project in mind, don't depend on your own ability to describe the style (especially if you're not artistic). Put together a portfolio of images taken from other sources that express your artistic intent. I've even found thematic stylings in Photoshop brush sets. An artist can look at this portfolio and will easily have a grasp on what you want.
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