copying a scene- lost rules links in both old & new scene problem..?

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Just wondering... After creating a complex scene with actors linked to an internal scene attribute score system, and lots of cross links between actors within the scene and no links to game attributes I had a rather nice set up going. So as a basis for a new level I copied the scene and most of the internal links in both the old and new scene broke. I do have a version of the old scene in a saved doc but am failing to be able to copy it to make up levels. Anyone with a similar problem or know it such a thing, and/or a work around?

cheers... a slightly miserable kipper.


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    Hmm Thats Quite Odd. It should not remove anything since its on the scene level. Gonna go ahead and move this over to TechSupport as well as i'd recommend sending a bug report through or to You can also include your project as an attachment to the email address.

    Just real quick to double check you are copying the scene to the same project right and not a new one?
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    Thanks Aaron. I may well do that but I have a bit of a rush on so will try merging files first to see if that works with copies of the scene in two files.. And yes it was the same project.

    I was already having to work around off scene instances (there needed to be off scene as they moved in to scene) as they don't recognise there position if born there and loose the plot... Because of what I am doing I was grouping actor instances based on initial position in scene and having them work as teams through attributes in scene attributes. It was working very nicely until...

    cheers kipper
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