Show me the money, Apple.

Peter_OlafsonPeter_Olafson Member Posts: 301
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Anyone not get paid? My payments and finance page says I was paid today and they owe zero now. But my bank account shows no such deposit. First month this has happened.

Have you received payments later than the date the payment is supposed to occur on?


  • JohnPapiomitisJohnPapiomitis Member Posts: 6,256
    yes tons of us. Theres a couple threads on iphonedevsdk forum and the official apple forums as well, so its definetly a lot of people experiencing the problem
  • johnydeejohnydee Member, PRO Posts: 196
    So apple paid developers today.I neve gotten my money in account this late.I haven't seen it in my bank account all anyone else having this problem and are still waiting for thier money to post in their bank account?
  • quantumsheepquantumsheep Member, PRO Posts: 8,188
    @Johndee - I've merged your thread with this earlier one, which may also shed some light on the subject for you.

    QS :D

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  • gurechangurechan Member, PRO Posts: 211
    I got funds paid from Apple today, no probs.
  • johnydeejohnydee Member, PRO Posts: 196
    ok i thought i was the only one so hopefully the funds appear tomorrow.The date was actually the 29 but than changed to 28 so hopefully thats it..
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