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Hey you guys. I have a stupid question. How does multiplayer work? On gamecenter other than connecting devices it doesn't do anything else. What type of coding would we need to do with Gamesalad to get this to work. What I am trying to get to is, is Gamesalad even capable of making multiplayer. It seems like a really complicated thing that would take the team a long time to put together. If I am wrong and multiplayer is a simple thing, please enlighten me on how multiplayer works.



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    Multiplayer is on the roadmap.

    The way i hope they do it is the ability to hook up to your server
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    Would you still be able to do it without a server?

    Or does everyone multiplayer game on the app store have their own server?
  • youngster9youngster9 Member Posts: 326
    Could you use a server provided by Apple on gamecenter?
  • youngster9youngster9 Member Posts: 326
    Anyone have the answers to my questions?
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    The Game Center's "multiplayer" games only do things like compare high scores. They are not multiplayer in the sense of players playing the same game at the same time together. Gamesalad does not support that yet.

    I am hoping that they will open up some limited multiplayer, such as for turn based games, some time soon.
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    gamecenter does have multiplayer abilities i think, i'm sure games like doodle jump and flight control use multiplayer through gamecenter.

    as for the server side of things I'm really not too sure, i've never looked into it as gs doesn't support multiplayer yet.

    & as for gs and multiplayer, it is coming (like john said), but wether it will be local (bluetooth & wifi) or through gamecenter / a server we will just have to wait and see!!

    -josh :)
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