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Artist needed for my medium sized project.

FF1FF1FF1FF1 Posts: 75Member
Hi, I really want to get started on my game. I have been making proto-types of the code and is looking like a good game. However I need graphics for the game... and I rather not do it myself as it would not look very good.

I would need a fair amount of graphics. The game is a physics game.

Here is a basic list of the items I would need -

Menu artwork
In-game art work (home, reset, pause)

6 power-ups (Which you can follow a tutorial for with photoshop)
The power-ups will just need to be 6 different colours.

Plank of wood
Metal plank
Water with splash effect
Simple Steam effect
Very small bricks like - 4x4 or something

Normal ball
Ice ball
Flame ball /w animation
Fire effect /w animation - this is for the wood plank.
backgrounds for scenes

I may have misses some stuff, If I have it would only be 2 or 3 things. Of course I would make a near perfect list if you are interested.


I really do think my game will be great. My game would take about one year to make. (as I will be a university) I would work on it part time and get it finished in the summer with my 3 - 4 months off.


I would offer 25% of sales from day 1
Game would be priced at 69p
We can get a contract written up

Sounds will be provided by myself. However if you can do sound effects I would add a further 10%.

Sounds will be like -

Ball bounce, fire, water splash, enlarge sound, shrink sound, few other maybe.

Thanks for reading, FF1FF1 - Jack Graham.


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