Big problem(for me)with multiple actors colliding NOT changing attributes!

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For example,

If 2 or more actors shoot a bullet(same or multiple bullet actors) and they all hit the player(any actor really) at the same time, only 1 of them registers. Which makes making a shooter game almost impossible. Even if I use multiple bullets(actors) and change the timing of the damage they do it sometimes works(if I put a timer delay on the damage by .1 for EACH bullet) but that means I need to make a new bullet for every gun on the screen, and if I have 4 actors, with 2 guns each(i can't have a delay of collision vs damage taken by 2 seconds).... the GS engine cannot make multiple changes to an attribute at the same time.

Which means any game made where the player, or npc takes more than 2 or more forms of damage, only 1 is ever registered.

This means when the player is looking at a wall of bullets coming at him, and he's supposed to be hit by 10, he doesn't worry because the engine will only allow 1 to damage him and the rest do nothing.

PLEASE PLEASE take a look at this. I'm trying all kinds of tricks to get around it, but this issue shouldn't exist for us to have to work around it. I've got a ton of stuff in the game i need to get done and i'm stuck in one spot trying to get just the bullets to do damage.

If there's a way around it I haven't tried, that will work, i'm all ears.


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