Waiting for review... Long for you too

JamesZeppelinJamesZeppelin Member Posts: 1,927
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So i had hoped updates went faster than submitting new apps.
Guess not....

Sucks because i missed one stupid thing on my game that is killing me and i just need the update to go through.

Anyone else still "waiting" after days.... i'm scared how long it will actually be in review if it takes this long to just get received.

Heres my opinion.... They should just grandfather in all the developers and add some restrictions for new developers in the app store. Haha, of course easy to say when you already are in. But being pickier on new devs might slow the bog down and cut back on some of the .99 cent taylor swift lyric apps that fill an entire page


  • butterbeanbutterbean Member, PRO Posts: 4,315
    Yes! I've been checking my update every day, and it's still "in review" this is annoying because they were starting to pick up the pace on updates and new games and now it seems it's back to the way it was!
  • JamesZeppelinJamesZeppelin Member Posts: 1,927
    My last game went from waiting for review to in review in about 15min....

    Of course it then spent 7 days in review
  • jonmulcahyjonmulcahy Member, Sous Chef, PRO Posts: 10,385
    An update I submtted last thursdY was just approved, and a second, also submitted Thursday, is in review.
  • JGary321JGary321 Member Posts: 1,246
    I imagine the whole releasing a tablet probably has them backed up. I imagine once this dies down it will pick back up. Give it a week or two,
  • JamesZeppelinJamesZeppelin Member Posts: 1,927
    You'd think it wold be unrelated... unless people trying to get as much in as possible to move onto new projects
  • CodeMonkeyCodeMonkey Head Chef, Member, PRO Posts: 1,803
    TinyMonster, please keep posts in the correct section.
  • JoshKahaneJoshKahane Member Posts: 470
    I am interested as to how long it takes for the 'In Review' stage to taker but of course it is different for everyone. I have been in review since 7:30 yesterday (UK time). Oh just look at the clock, almost this time yesterday, 24 hours.
  • ORBZORBZ Member Posts: 1,303
    Does apple have a way for you to take your game offline from the appstore temporarily until the review process is complete? I would hate to have a game with a nasty bug out there causing me to get bad ratings while Apple is reviewing it. I would rather take the game offline until the review process is complete so that my ratings stay reflective of the actual version I am trying to show the world.
  • EastboundEastbound Member, BASIC Posts: 1,074
    You could maybe change the release date? Not sure if that would hide it or not.
  • quantumsheepquantumsheep Member Posts: 8,188
    You can remove binary from sale in iTunes Connect.

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  • butterbeanbutterbean Member, PRO Posts: 4,315
    So a game I submitted over the weekend for an update is still "Waiting for review" but a game I submitted really late last night as a new game, is "in review" go figure??!

    I'm not complaining about the new game being "in review" so quickly, but would rather have my other game updated first! Oh well!
  • jonmulcahyjonmulcahy Member, Sous Chef, PRO Posts: 10,385
    From what I've seen, new games have been taking precedence over updates. New games seem to be taking 1-4 days, updates 4-8.

    that's my scientific observation.
  • JamesZeppelinJamesZeppelin Member Posts: 1,927
    Sorry about wrong section. I'm usually on my phone and forget that part. I'll watch it
  • JamesZeppelinJamesZeppelin Member Posts: 1,927
    Yes. You are right I had a game go into review in about an hour while my two updates are still waiting for days now
  • BeyondtheTechBeyondtheTech Member Posts: 809
    In case anyone was wondering...

    Spellcaster was submitted on January 24, 2010 at 23:11.
    It went into "In Review" on January 26, 2010 at 08:11.
    It went "Ready for Sale" on January 27, 2010 at 13:47.

    I'd say they've gotten fairly quick. I don't think the iPad or any other event interfered with their work.
  • butterbeanbutterbean Member, PRO Posts: 4,315
    That's great guys! Seems like new games get reviewed and accepted quite quickly, it's the updates that are taking longer, although the wait time is still a lot better than what it was :)
  • maniraptormaniraptor Member Posts: 81
    After being moved from "Waiting for Review" to "In Review" quite quickly, my new game has been in review limbo for a week and a half now. Hmmm.
  • stanimationstanimation Member Posts: 406
    Updates are slow for me too.
  • JoshKahaneJoshKahane Member Posts: 470
    It seems much like Butterbean has said, the in review process seems to be going fairly quickly. Trouball has been in review for 72 hours now. I just hope it gets approved this week. I have been waiting so long! (Excluding the 72 hours, I had an issue which carried on for 3 months.)
  • JamesBoucherJamesBoucher Member Posts: 433
    I submitted a new app late Tuesday night. It got approved today (Thursday). I have it scheduled to be released tomorrow. The app is call Bumper Buddies. Less than 48 hours to get approved, not bad.
  • design219design219 Member Posts: 2,273
    I also submitted Tuesday and it came out today. It's called Food Fight!

    Of course, I already have a little update I need to make, so that should take at least a week from what others are saying.
  • firemaplegamesfiremaplegames Member Posts: 3,206
    I submitted on Monday and am still "In Review".
    Hey! Some of you butted in line! no fair! :o)
  • JamesZeppelinJamesZeppelin Member Posts: 1,927
    I have an update waiting a full week for review.

    Then i put up a new game tuesday and its in the store and all my other EVEN NEWER stuff is in review.

    All i want is that one flippin update.

    Probably just got the slow employee or something for that one
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