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Hi all

First time here, so just thought I'd say "hi". I have been meaning to investigate GameSalad for a couple of weeks now, so Im pleased I managed to start today.

Cya all around,



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    Welcome, we are glad to have you and look forward to what you create. The forum is a great place to get answers to tough questions. Please do us a favor though and do your part to learn. by checking out these resources for answers to your questions theres a good chance especially in the beginning your questions have been asked before and we get wore out sometimes answering the same question over and over. We love to give you free help and answers here on the forum but we also love when people are doing their part to learn on their own first.


    Also don't forget those resources dont have to be just looking for answers. the videos especially are a great way to learn loads of information. Grab you some popcorn and spend a couple hours watching them all.

    Something else is the search function on the site really is not very good so when you want to search the forum I recommend you go to google and type your search their and then add to the end of your search term, site:gamesalad.com , you will get better results through that route.

    Anyways, welcome, good luck, and enjoy

  • RubiyoooRubiyooo Member Posts: 163
    Hi you have a website in Spanish about GameSalad
    www.gamesalad.es :))

    If sometime your english it´s very bad and need to make questions in another language. You have your home ;)
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    welcome to the dark side
  • IPete2IPete2 Member Posts: 2
    Thanks for the warm welcome guys, I am quickly learning where to find the resources to learn GS.

    What I need to do now is concentrate for a few days and then maybe I will start a little project of my own,

    See you around!

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