"A Plinky Game" Level Creator + Contest

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Hi everybody.

Just one day until the finalist are chosen.

While waiting I made this Level Creator for my game.
I wanted to have a Level Pack in my game that featured some levels created by GS members.
So if you want just give it a try and when you've done take a screenshot and send it to m.a.ferraguti@virgilio.it and remember to write down your GS nickname.

Just to add some fun I will chose the best 12 that will be featured and the winners will receive a promo code for my game when it will be released (I can't promise you more, sorry).

There's only one little bug: when you try the level the cannon, barrier and elastic band should be unmovable but if I set this option I got strange behaviors with the drag and drop.
I hope to fix it soon. Let me know if there are more issues.

Here's the link to the Level Creator:


Here's a link to the original game if you want to get the feeling on it:


P.S. Sorry wrong place. One day I hope I will remember to choose the right theme on the drop down menu :-(


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