Hi, I'm new - just a quick question

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Hi, i'm really interested in starting to make a few basic games for the iPhone and i love using gamesalad already. However, i was hoping to make a very simple app with a poll, or a method of voting and displaying the results, in it, kind of like this iVote youtube video but a lot simpler with only one question and a home page really.

I know that this question isn't really related to gamesalad much but this is the only forum that i am a member of to do with iPhone apps. Any links to tutorials or useful information will be much appreciated, i have been googling this all day ! (the closest that i have come is making a web page with a php mysql poll on it and creating an app out of that using phonegap, but i couldn't get the poll to process the results :( )

Thanks in advance for any help!
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