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Hi all,

Just though i'd drop in and say a quick hi to the GS community!

I've only recently started looking into the possibility of creating games/apps for iDevices, and after dabbling in Unity 3D and Corona SDK, thought i'd give GS a shot. I'm an artist at heart so if i can get away with minimal code, i'll be a happy bunny.

GS certainly looks like a fun piece of software to use and i'm looking forward to creating some simple games to get my feet wet before getting serious.

My only problem is lack of ideas! Does anyone have any tips or techniques they can suggest that might help with brainstorming ideas and getting the creative juices flowing?

I'm painfully aware of the high number of clones in the app store and would like to release something a little bit more original. Or at the very least, remake something that hasn't already been remade (and do it well of course).

Any information i can get is really appreciated! :)




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