Doodle games? Are they still cool?

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Okay, So i broke down and made a doodle game.
Its like my first game but doodle and a little more polished. I think i like this more.
I used to think doodle games were kinda cliche but anymore there are so many its almost just a style of its own.

Ok now that i am done defending it... if you don't mind take a few seconds and check it

thanks all!!!!!


  • JoshKahaneJoshKahane Member Posts: 470
    Well I think the doodle games are beginning to become slightly common. But your game is looking good at the moment. You would really have to go to town though and make it look top notch, animate everything, I mean everything to make it look lovely and give it colour, but it has to be really properly well done. You need to make yourself stand out from the large crowd.

    Just like Doodle Jump, it is such a simple game but it looks so wonderful and so easy to play that it makes it a joy to play and thats the affect you want on people.

    Good luck if your attempting it. It will be a tough task for sure.
  • JamesZeppelinJamesZeppelin Member Posts: 1,927
    Yes, thanks all good points.

    I have a game i have been working on and this was kind of something i did to break the monotony. I def do see what you mean by all those little details to make it top notch.

    I can see how a "side" game could turn into a main project. This was probably the most fun ive had so far.

    Ironically i did all the drawings in color and then took the color out.

    The all black and while looks pretty cool on the iphone screen.
    Maybe an option to turn it on or off would be neato.
  • StormyStudioStormyStudio United KingdomMember Posts: 3,987
    Weird I was thinking the same thing today. Whether to go for doodle style graphics or smarter vector ones. Made some cool hand drawn stuff for work mixing it with photographs of stationary to make a colourful style worked well for the training video and think it would translate to the iPhone screen pretty well.

    Like kahanejosh said it will need to be really well done, so it is doodle style cause it looks cool not because it's easier than making smarter graphics via illustrator or Photoshop . Love the style of animation in th film credits of 'a series of unfortunate events' something like that would look so cool. Tricky as there is a bit of 3d depth going on. Sure it Is possible some how though.
  • JoshKahaneJoshKahane Member Posts: 470
    Yeh I agree draper3000. Im in the same situation also. Doodle Jump is more of a vector, sketch combo, so clearly the style is doodle, sketched out but done in vector graphics rather than drawn makes it look so clean and lovely. Maybe something like that should be attempted. Im jealous of all the designers and artists that are here. Far to much competition. :)
  • JamesZeppelinJamesZeppelin Member Posts: 1,927
    Thanks for the advice guys.

    What started out as just something i was screwing around with has now become my main focus.

    Went from one level and no animations to having multiple boss encounters (one boss hurls his own arms at you), and an achievement system with unlock-able upgradable hats that provide stat boosts.

    The more i get into it the more i realize just how much you can do with game salad.
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