'Sounds That Drive You Crazy' update in App store now!

gregr209gregr209 Member Posts: 441
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My silly and goofy 'Sounds That Drive You Crazy' app has been updated to include 2 more sound driving effects. The slurping of soup and the clicking of a pen. It must be one of the silliest apps around but yet so far it has been a pretty good seller for me. Trust me I have been surprised :-)



  • StormyStudioStormyStudio United KingdomMember Posts: 3,987
    nice idea for an app... irritating but I see the appeal...
  • stanimationstanimation Member Posts: 406
    You forgot the Dumb and Dumber annoying noise :P Funny idea.
  • gregr209gregr209 Member Posts: 441
    Thanks for the kind words. I swear I made this little crazy app just to force a few friends to purchase it and get me started in the app creating world. I had NO idea it would sell they way it has. I guess you just never know :-)
  • butterbeanbutterbean Member, PRO Posts: 4,315
    lol great idea for an app greg!

    It's amazing, you really never know which app you come out with will sell well until you try! :)
  • design219design219 Member Posts: 2,273
    That is quite cool.
  • butterbeanbutterbean Member, PRO Posts: 4,315
    Greg how many of these have you sold a day on average? :) People love stuff like this!
  • gregr209gregr209 Member Posts: 441
    Well when it was first released at the beginning of Dec 09 I begged most of my friends to buy it and then after about a week and a half of some good activity it just died. I had very little, if any sales for about 2 weeks. Then the day of Xmas and ever since I have been averaging about 2-4 units a day! Not great numbers but still it has been pretty darn steady for a silly little app that makes noise :-) Oh and all of that has been with almost zero marketing! Now with my 'Pick A Party' app which is a real game and educational as well I am lucky if i sell 1 unit a day and that is with lots of marketing! Go figure!
  • butterbeanbutterbean Member, PRO Posts: 4,315
    Yea no kidding! Not bad for a sounds app though, 2-4 is good!
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