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Sycn iphone calendar & music to different PC?

anne11anne11 Posts: 4Member
edited November -1 in Miscellaneous
Hi there,
I have 2 computers,the one is for business and the other is private.I just want to sync a calendar on one computer (business) and the music on another one (private),but everytime i try to synchronise only the calendar with itunes homesharing, it deletes all my music on my iphone.Is there any way to solve this problem???
Any help will be greatly appreciated!


  • dineadinea Posts: 1Member
    Just uncheck content like music, videos & apps on the computer you only want to sync your calendar with and to sync the music is the same.Moreover u can sync your calendars with multiple computers.
    If it still can't work,you may refer to this article How to transfer iPhone Contacts, SMS, Calendar,Notes & Call History ,it also include transfering music.Hope it could help u.
  • green7o7ogreen7o7o Posts: 10Member
    Well, it is very straight forward procedure. When you sync the iphone to your computer and when you click on your iphone setting in the itunes, there is option given to uncheck videos, music, apps, etc; so all you need to do is just unckeck the things that you do not want to sync in the computer and only the checked things will be synced in the computer.
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