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0.8.1 And still issues!

GamexcbGamexcb Posts: 179Member
edited 3:19PM in Tech Support
Some events work better but my controls are messed up and the joy stick has an issue that it locks up in one position but I have a 0.7.0 version of it and no error!
Also my enemies are glitched massively they move correctly then start sliding around like they are on ice! In 0.7.0 works great!
Great program! I like the mac publishing! but really needs to be fixed!
I love how on top of this you guys are with this already releasing a patch this soon!
I hope 0.8.2 fixes all of my issues!


  • CodeMonkeyCodeMonkey Posts: 1,803Head Chef, Member, PRO
    Please feel free to send us an email with a description of what was used for the behaviors.

    With the performance improvements, there may be things that need to put together a different way to achieve the same results.
  • GamexcbGamexcb Posts: 179Member
    Can I send a PDF with the code for the enemy?
    Also the joystick is based on your joystick example.
  • butterbeanbutterbean Posts: 4,315Member, PRO

    After installing the patch 0.8.1 for both the viewer and GS program, I still noticed some glitches:

    The timer was acting strange, and would count down from 7 seconds quickly to 5, and wasn't counting down smoothly, never had this problem with 0.7 on both viewer and program

    I'm using 0.7 for now which seems to run smoothly and without issues, but hoping to use 0.8 soon for better framerates!

    Are you guys working on another patch now?
  • GamexcbGamexcb Posts: 179Member
    I hope they are!
    This is a nightmare!
  • ORBZORBZ Posts: 1,303Member, PRO
    Polexia is still broken! :(
  • TobyToby Posts: 478Member
    I stil have some wonky behaviour going on with 8.1, the change attribute feature seems a little hit and miss. Have a simple loading graphic on all screens, when a new scene is called attribute is true and the graphic is displayed, once the scene has loaded the very first action is to define this attribute as false which hides the graphic.

    Not working most of the time and the loading graphic just stays visible or does not show at all - the attribute is not changing?, worked 100% in 7.

    Do I have to re-do the behaviour some other way perhaps?

    Oh and if you maximise the GS window on the mac every time you press preview it shrinks to half the height of the screen?
  • rebumprebump Posts: 1,058Member
    Just an FYI: With 0.7.0 I had "Change Attributes" that didn't seem to always get activated along with other things. I usually ended up wrapping all the stuff I wanted done in a timer set at "after 0 seconds" and had it marked "Run to completion". Seemed to fix things.

    Just bringing this up as it sounds like Toby's issue and this may have been an issue (in another form?) with both 0.7.0 and 0.8.x.
  • BurzmaliBurzmali Posts: 9Member
    The "Collide" behavior doesn't seem to be working on the iPhone/iPod Touch with 0.8.1. When I preview the game in Gamesalad, the collisions work correctly. However, when I publish the game to my iPod Touch, the objects I have just go through each other.

    Edit: I just did some more testing. The "Collide" behavior isn't working on the iPhone/iPod Touch if you use "Actor of Type:" It does work using Tags to designate the collisions.
  • TobyToby Posts: 478Member
    Hmmm, just deleted the (bool) attribute and the action and re-added them and it's working fine again!
  • TobyToby Posts: 478Member
    Seems like it's just ignoring any rules after the first one on any given actor.

    I'm wasting my time here trying to update my game to V0.8.1, i fix one thing, something else breaks.

    Just cant use any version of 8 until all the crap is sorted out!
  • giacomopoppigiacomopoppi Posts: 914Member, PRO
    hey GS, thanks for the update ;)
    ive just bumped into a problem, i dont know if anyone has had the same thing but when i say:
    when actor receives touch
    spawn actor 2.(this part was ok)

    but then i notice that the actor 2 (spawned actor) is not affected by gravity.
    if i drag actor 2 directly into the scene it is affected by gravity.
    any solutions?
  • giacomopoppigiacomopoppi Posts: 914Member, PRO
    codemonkey, any solutions for this?
  • ORBZORBZ Posts: 1,303Member, PRO
    I'm experiencing similar collsion issues. Things just aren't registering collision where they used to work just fine.

    I have a test that says when actor A overlaps actor B ... otherwise ...

    Well... it never executes the first branch if they are sitting still.

  • BurzmaliBurzmali Posts: 9Member
    ORBZ, try using tags instead of actor names to determine your collisions/overlaps. From my testing, it looks like the update has messed up the use of actor names for this functionality.
  • ORBZORBZ Posts: 1,303Member, PRO
    Yes, tags seem to work a little bit better but it's still not perfect.... could be some hacks I had in place for 070, i'm still working out the details. But definitely tags do work better than actor type checks.
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