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MoveTo command

gregr209gregr209 Posts: 441Member
edited 2:07AM in Tech Support
Does anyone know if the 'MoveTo' command was fixed in the new release?


  • rebumprebump Posts: 1,058Member
    I really, really hope so but from the sound of some of peoples issues, maybe not. They don't mention "move to" explicitly but they mention hit-or-miss execution of commands and I think that was possibly related to "move to" not always doing what it was told to do.

    It's like the execution pipeline is running and cycles through each actor's pertinent command list (i.e. those at root, those whose timers are triggering, rules that are true, etc.) and then it tries to run all that and if the end of the time slice it nearing, commands get dropped or maybe usurped by new ones? Hopefully it wasn't programmed as such but it may have been to get all this stuff 'pipelinable' at once. Wrapping things in timers with "run to completion" set seems to deliver the most accurate run (rather than a bunch of loose behaviors at the root level) but maybe my (limited?) tests just leaned that way. Either way, something was amiss.

    I had a post on "move to" a while back highlighting my issue for any newbies out there.
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