spawn actor problem in 0.9.7

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I have an invisible controller spawning the main actor when two conditions are true:

1) lives are greater than 0
2) a global attribute is set to true

When the actor is spawned it sets the global attribute to false.

This works great at the beginning of the level.

When the main actor dies, I need to reset the global attribute to true. I have done this from within the actor before it's destroyed AND tried it from an invisible controller monitoring when the main actor dies.

The global attribute gets set fine. And there are more than 0 lives.

BUT... my spawn controller doesn't respawn a new actor. (I've checked the layers to make sure it wasn't hiding as well as the coordinates to make sure it's on screen.)

Any ideas? This feels like a bug. THough I'm always open to the possibility that I'm doing something wrong.


  • hillelchillelc Member Posts: 56
    grrr.... i guess spawn actor only works once. need to wrap it in a timer set to "every". Sorry to pollute the forum. Would be nice if the trigger logic was in the little help tips to the right of the behavior.
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