Press for your games? Food Fight! just got some.

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After just two days in the app store, I Googled my game and found this:

I don't know who this reviewer is or how she picked up on my game, but this is really cool!

Are you all searching for press/reviews of your games, and what are you finding?


  • edhedh Member Posts: 23

    Why don't you email the reporter a nice thank-you, and ask her why she chose your game? This would be good info we' all love to know!
  • CrazybreadmanCrazybreadman Member Posts: 674
    Yeah I googled Traffic Ninja a couple days ago and the first thing up was a little article by appmodo. Kinda cool and random :)
  • design219design219 Member Posts: 2,273
    edh, yes, I actually did email her to thank her, but I didn't think to ask questions ('doh!). If she happens to respond, I will ask.

    Cool Crazybreadman, this came out of the blue for you too? (btw, I really dig traffic ninja, I'm just not very good at it. Are you working on an easier level yet?)
  • CrazybreadmanCrazybreadman Member Posts: 674
    I didn't have any contact w/ appmodo for the plug. And yes, now that I have it working w/ 8.2 I am going to tailor an easy mode! btw, cool beans on ur article... my short blurb is kinda jealous lol.
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